BP Vit 3 Capsules


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100 Tablets per Pack

About Oxandrolone

•          It is an androgen and anabolic steroid medication

Uses of Oxandrolone

•          It is used to promote weight gain

•          Treats bone pain

•          Offsets protein catabolism

•          Treats hypogonadism

How does it Work?

•          It binds to the androgen receptor and stimulates protein synthesis that increases muscle growth, lean body mass and bone mineral density.

Taking the Medicine

•          It is a tablet and is taken by mouth.


•          Follow the advice of your healthcare provider while taking the medicine.

•          If you encounter any complications, consult your doctor immediately.

•          Follow the dosage advice of your doctor.

•          Overdosage may lead to adverse effects on the body.

Possible Side Effects

•          Virilization

•          Menstruation abnormalities

•          Priapism

•          Liver failure

•          internal bleeding

•          Cancer

•          Stroke

•          Heart attack


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